Welcome to Last Mountain Distillery!
About Us

Proud to be

Saskatchewan's First Micro Distillery


Last Mountain Distillery is family owned and operated and is located in

Lumsden, SK, the heart of grain country.


Our success lies in our commitment to producing

high quality, handcrafted spirits.


Premium Saskatchewan Made Vodka


Our Vodka is handcrafted in small batches using our own mash

recipes in a still designed by Steven Cage of Alberta. Our methods

of artisan distilling allow us to achieve a level of purity that creates

a clean, crisp, ultra smooth finish that we hope you will cherish.

Premium Saskatchewan Made Whisky

Our Whisky is proudly made with Prairie Wheat and subjected to

a unique aging process that brings out the full flavours in the

grain. Ask for it at your local off sale or pub and find out why it's

quickly becoming Saskatchewan's favorite Rye!



Thank you for drinking local!